Unscientific fantasy investment divorces

In continuation of opus "In search of investment. How not to fly into the web of divorce "


Daily clean of spam accounts for a corporate box. And if the proposals stationery, furniture, junk letters pornospamom successfully manages an office manager, with nominal appeals and proposals, reminiscent of the business, we have to deal with his own.

Comes a very large variety of letters with proposals for financing the west / lending projects in Ukraine and Russia in the most mild conditions (rate Libor plus 1% :)), a body at the end of the contract, the loan is 20 years old, etc.)

The vast majority of these proposals - an absolute fraud.

Do not think that the scammers are working on a major. Not at all. Promising you a USD 20 million, you are divorced as a result of the sum of three to thirty thousand dollars. Not any more. Investment brokerage market for start-ups do not have serious mafia. Only petty criminals who play in the primary reflexes such as amateurs, as they are.

The trouble is that, often, the expectations of investment from inexperienced startups are so strong that it drowns out all the arguments of reason.

As it was with my friends?

At the end of last year was accompanied by a draft of customers, who previously worked for the pre-investment documentation (business plan, a number of financial models, presentation materials, etc.).

They found an investor who had shown interest in the project. There were enthusiasm, and had long conversations, there were an agreement of intent, confidentiality, bringing accountability to the IAS. The result has been obtained the consent of the financing, and friends offered to open an account in some English bank on which installments will receive the money. On-line. That is, de jure anonymously.

However, miracles?

Doubly magic - the money still came. Rather, it is the client saw the requested amount in his account of the system "bank-client ". On the international lawyers had worked out with respect to the provision of legal system is the founder of the private interest-free loan of a Ukrainian company.Why then the transaction fails, and the next day he saw a customer account in the notice of the fact that it is blocked by Center for International Crime Prevention (Center for International Crime Prevention at the United Nations).

Screams, screams, the lamentations.

I got a call after, when an investment broker on the phone with the customer, offering to settle the question by Clean Bill On Record Clearance Certificate for the symbolic 5,000 euros, which the client must send payment to a private broker Western Union.

It became interesting. Poguggliv, found that firstly, there is no such bank. The domain on which the site is the virtual bank, reported a year ago in Slovakia.

The administrator of one of the largest Russian business forum has gone forward, and at my request in PM reported that the IP placed the ad there is an investment broker, is where do you think? In Nizhny Novgorod. (One of the advantages of veteran business forums - good relations with the administrators))). UK phone numbers and corporate E-mail set up through a virtual online office.

Yes, and look for something I had nothing. All became clear at once, when he learned that the entrance to the bank-client system is carried out through a password and an eight primitive captcha.

There are a few simple tips to prevent such risks.

A. How do you find? You put up a summary of the project, and you threw the proposals?

In the markets of investment in start-up projects demand far exceeds supply. It would be naive and foolish to believe that someone just like that, having no control, no insurance, no mortgage, give money for a long time under the minimum percentage. Investing in start-up projects do not fall under any existing credit facilities.

Investors interested in this project is not funded the project. It is financed by you as a manager. As a man who has enough experience for what would you, as manager, had a certain confidence.If we are talking about investing in the development of existing business, this includes standard tools (with a sufficient guarantee of residual value, credit and business - history, guarantors, the availability of equity capital, etc.).

Two. You will offer unsecured loans, covering 100% of capital costs and the need for working capital to achieve break-even point.

If only not to discuss consumer loans (small amount, unrealistic interest rates, hidden monthly fees, future-call requirements), the discovery of such credit lines from foreign banks is impossible in principle.

In any case, you must cover their own capital at least 20% of project costs, the availability of guarantors, bank guarantees from the top-25 banks, credit history, bringing the financial statements to international standards, providing piles of documents (balance sheets, turnover balance sheet, Income statement , etc.)

Three. Investment intermediary urges you and require payment of any right here, right now.

Money is like the silence. Putting a twist on the phrase, investment / credit decisions do not tolerate haste. Rush you with some sort of small and unknown costs will only be a crook.

4. If you do not have the internet - so you do not exist (Bill Gates)

How can you have a financial relationship with the person / company that is absent in the information space? Penetrate the WHOIS site - elementary. Pogugglit by E-mail, phone numbers, names of contact persons is even easier. There are ways to find out and the actual location. Do not know how to do, find a specialist.

Five. Reputation (Goodwill)

Ask for recommendations. Check, in turn, gave those recommendations. By the way, no matter how convincing were the results of the investor in the past - not the fact that your project will be the same.

6. Be interested in routine operational matters. Remember that investment frauds (even if not amateurs) are dancing on the tops.

The details of the interest of legal component of the input of money into the country of the project, the question of the future maintenance of debt financing, the type of reporting, commissions, management fee, the order of resolution of future disputes, mediation, distribution costs for the external audit, the order of control over the implementation phases of the project and existence of sanctions for violation of the terms of these stages or change the estimate. Require the provision of comprehensive answers in written form (form reference number, wet seal, signature, ordinary mail)

7. Make an appointment.

Online communication, of course, a good thing, but in a live conversation, put everything in its place is much easier.

Eight. At the stage of financing you require relatively little money for anything?

Pay more money explanatory international lawyer and expert on financial security.

I assure you, you would still be renting.


Andrei Stadnik

BFM Group Ukraine


06 February 2012
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