A project presentation, general points and realization.

A project presentation requires a responsible approaching method. Everything depends on how you introduce it to an investor. Long-term investment financing is possible only when certain conditions present which are able to convince a potential investor to input considerable means in an offered project. Of cause a primary objective for an investor is profit earning. Here you should answer on investor's questions in details to specify all points concerning analytic information being represented in a diagram form.

Working out a project and prediction of all possible situations which are able to shake an investor in giving of positive decision, requires also a lot of time with assertiveness from a marketing command. First of all it is necessary to analyze client preferences, his character (how impulsive is he or he is a melancholic), to check all technical elements which will be involved for a presentation (a projector, computers, preparation of stands). It is also necessary to consider foreign investors' requirements and observance of standards with presentation of standardized project documentation. Pay attention that a conversation model is worth consideration due to location of a foreign investor.

There is a set of factors which promote positive carrying out of a presentation. Establishment of communicative ties by project representatives with an investor provides convenient opportunities for future co-operation. Psychologists have already proved the following percentage ratio of body perceptions of a human: hearing - 20 %, visual memory - 30 %, emotional component - 100 %. Having considering these points, it is very important to know effective presentation method level and how is it helpful as a marketing business tool.

Next step is putting of ad on slides that is quite disturbing. One thing should be mentioned here it will be very hard for you to maneuver while using arising reaction of an investor because of huge information volume. Therefore it is better to place only general project moments on slides which may submit information in a correct direction if it is necessary.

Project description: should occupy no more than 2-3 slides, and show all details as well. You should spend saved time on data introduction concerning target audience and percent of profit. Your business model: Graphic points affecting cash aspects of a project will make a customer immediately to arrange for further cooperation. It should be detailed in telling and touché potential income points like an annual increment.

An important point touches a description of cost expanses that are required for project implementation. It should be brief, clearly indicated with amount of timing and needs which are to be invested. It is not necessary to display financial costs which are expected to be in a few years. An investor is to be showed basic steps of successful financing first of all. Team: each member must clearly understand his place and a range of issues to be dealt with. An investor should see confidence and prospects for further work with people whom he trusts his capital. An investment project should be completely interesting to a client in order to make him feel himself comfortable in asking of questions and correcting of inaccuracies. Giving a client all info (number, terms, conditions) you may prevent a possibility of a contact establishing.

A presentation is potentially successful if an investor is fully immersed in a project. If he asks for all sorts of questions during a presentation. This moment provides an opportunity to talk about subsequent sentences, consideration of details and therefore – step-by-step approximation for investing.

08 December 2011
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