On the complexity of technologies to improve oil recovery.

Given the instability of the economies of the world oil market and uncertainties are particularly important complex technologies of enhanced oil recovery is already drilled, already developed fields. Complex technologies should be adapted to specific fields and specific wells and must include two mandatory principles: drainage radius 1.uvelichenie well and reservoir inflow profile and the alignment of 2.uvelichenie mobility of the oil at reservoir conditions. All this new technology can provide enhanced recovery, for example, developed and tested by us. Increasing the radius of drainage flow and leveling of the profile can be achieved simultaneously using the "two-stage Technology punching holes" (or reperforatsii during workover). In implementing this technology not only creates perforations, but the formation of multiple cracks in the wellbore and a far-field reservoir. The mobility of the oil can be increased by reducing its viscosity at reservoir conditions. For this purpose we have developed a "Cable hydrovibrator infrasound," which can be used as a temporary for cattle and placed in the well for continuous operation. These technologies are tested and showed very good results at minimum cost. Read more - a blog Comprehensive technology and a new type of equipment to increase oil recovery. in the state-wide application of integrated technologies provide not only the role of stabilizing income, but by increasing the oil recovery factor will provide a rational use of mineral resources. And, then, save oil for future generations. Rodionov SO ARSENAL GEO. arsenal-geo@yandex.ru

24 July 2012
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