On "nedostartaperah", "nedoinvestorah" and how to get rid of the prefix "Nedo"

Sheep are sheared productivity of different directions by certain dates.

Sheep are sheared with a uniform coat once a year - spring,

with mixed hair two times - in spring and autumn.

MF Ivanov, "Sheep" 1925


Visiting any of the many free ads sites or business - forums in the "search for an investor," you're sure to run into plenty of silly "investment proposals." Ridiculous - as the form for submission, meaning, and the abundance of errors.

Here are some typical examples of several boards, collected over 15 minutes to view them: (spelling, grammar and vocabulary are retained)

  • Seeking a business partner for the business plan. All the details for all correspondence. Who cares offer leave your email address.
  • I am a businessman and entrepreneur. At leisure, business invented Architectural project and a new system of transportation, "Lineynosetevaya passenger " on mooim raschtam monthly income wakes from a 000.000 dollars. Selling under sposleduyuschim employment to work. Invite you to participate in my Investment Projects
  • I am looking for an investor in highly profitable business. Business plan and detailed financial calculations give the following preliminary interview with a potential partner ....
  • Offered recipe "elixir of youth" - the know-how in slowing the aging process, as well as stimulate the functioning of vital organs and mechanisms of the body. Looking for investors. Complete necessary studies and trials of the drug (in mammals).
  • My name is Gerasim Izmailov. I have 300 inventions. Allow $ 500 000 to create a working prototype ...

Are the same or similar things, offers dozens of daily come to my email box. Few people look at what BFM Group principally engaged in investment brokerage is not. Seen in the context of the word "investment" - means it is necessary to send.

There are, of course, and offers competent, but they lost against the background of hundreds of others, immediately sent to the trash.

It has long been working in the investment market, and is regularly confronted with these figures, already established the general character types inadequate startups.

  • Half-crazy inventors of something with a prototype, made ??of wood, sticky it to the doorbell and battery, sleepy investors an idea of a breakthrough in nanotechnology. Option - a scrap of paper on which the hand-drawn some sort of scheme in which they clearly see a super idea to obtain a billion dollars.
  • Narcissistic amateurs (I have a cool project - give money, tell you the details).
  • Yesterday's and today's teenagers with micro-projects, such as fast-food education and no experience.
  • Makers, the dreamers, do not recognize the plans, budgets, accounting, bookkeeping, administrative and management functions. They are creators. And you're just an investor. That's bothering, wiping his snot.
  • Losers, slackers, with fringe ideas - either stolen or neprorabotannymi or non-viable, or naively calculated that an investor would vparim them and abscond with the money.
  • Like normal projects in the form of running a business where the owner is interested in attracting strategic investors for further development. After lengthy negotiations and a comprehensive audit found that there is a huge liabilities that are available on the balance of real estate assets were put into service illegally, the term of the contract on the land comes to an end and not subject to renewal, and other co-sponsors present irreconcilable conflict of interest.

I must admit that there are real and startups with a good team of specialists, a deep pre-competitive research and high growth potential. Unfortunately, they are, at best, no more than 5% of the total mass.


With regard to the presence of the owners of start-up projects of the business plan, then 95% of the more or less serious research is not conducted. Marketing and technological study of how not takovye.Finansovy plan is presented in the form of tablets of four lines.

It is often necessary to meet business plans, in which after the decision on the challenge of land - and to launch a large factory in operation is two to three months. Transport and storage costs are ignored because of the fact, that they are not even aware. On the seasonality of sales and production planning stops in the planning stage to anyone not want to think. Raw material is purchased as needed, and payments for goods sold come an endless stream to the extent of the pipeline.

Startups wish that everyone in his project was like a fairy tale. He waved his arm - and is a great plant. Pulled hairs from his beard - and flew off his goods by air to the stores, happily making a prepayment.

The problem is global, and its origins are rooted in several things.

Firstly, the general habit of the banking credit system is a formal approach to the justification of funding. First of all, requires liquid collateral and credit history and business plan included only a formality.

Second, banks are rare professional investment analysts, capable of looking through the financials to see the marketing, management and technological aspects of the business. Accordingly, the potential borrower no one can tell us about his mistakes.

Thirdly, the general limitations and lack of education of many startups. Hence the fact that the internet is not crowded by "ready business plans," in which, as a financial model, and summing up figures are based on what is hypothetical, it is not known how combined, the source data.


In the network, there is also a lot of pseudo-investors.Pseudo - for the simple reason that the investors they have the same attitude as Zhigulevskoe beer to the car "Lada".

1. Small shopkeepers trying to prove to themselves that they are so cool that it's time to diversify its business, and puffing out his cheeks, considered foreign investment proposals. In fact, the money they had never, no, no. Gratify their egos, they will seem long to ask them relevant questions trivial. After many meetings and negotiations, all pre-approve, then the maximum retard decision-making, and when at last their phone all the same answers, say that they are not interested in the project due to the fact that they are closer lavochny business.

2. Laureates father's awards and citizens who successfully sold the extra apartment or 2n land, inherited from raspaevaniya. These are great managers of all time. Suffer from the revaluation of its capabilities and believe that if they invest in something whose start-up, cost is actually less than the cost of two-bedroom apartment, it gives them absolute carte blanche to the property and the project, and over his team. Typically, the money they are random, that they do, they do not know, and such projects fail even before they reach the breakeven point. And, do not fall down because of startups, but because of the idiotic initiatives such as these mountain - investors.

3. Kidnappers ideas. Of this species Homo sapiens are in order. The owners of the companies held a crisis of genre in its ability to generate ideas. Yes, they have the experience and financial capabilities. But there is also a pathological greed, coupled with a sense of self worth. As a result, the more information they receive from the startups, the easier it will be to implement this idea independently.

4. Fraudsters and scammers. As a rule, presented the investment brokers, consultants, facilitators.Required to pay any or pre-investment services (the study of the existing business plan or investment memorandum, legal services, notarization, conducting due diligence, it is not clear what distinguished certification, risk insurance, paid visit to a hypothetical investor you, etc.). You should know a simple thing. Any conditions exhibited a prepayment - it's a divorce.

5. Forums "business - the angels." The main condition - the payment for the opportunity to present their project before an audience consisting of people whose business cards startups will never see, and the names do not know. If the conversation and followed, then more likely to "investors" will be above the characters.

All the online investment market - 95% of a huge crowd of charlatans and misfits who have one goal, something vparim one another.

At the same time and appropriate investors and startups in the normal form of a sandbox spat in disgust and become more careful in choosing strategic partners.


On the market is more than enough literate with a good reputation of investors that have successfully more than one project. They usually have a clear legal approved the scheme of interaction with project owners, and are equally protected by both sides. Another issue is that they are rarely placed on message boards and forums on proposals such as "investor provides funding." Occasionally skips them online ads and direct contact. But it is much more efficient to obtain information about potential investors from other sources. This news sites, press releases, analytics, social networking (Facebook, Linkedin), off-line contacts.

How, in the main, work fine large investment companies?

First, we consider only well-designed projects, which are without at least some material basis.Accordingly, there is a cut-off order of projects in the early stages (up to billing requirements consultancy, engineering, auditing and evaluation activities). Generally, projects are truncated at their apparent lack of demand for the market, and burdened by the obligations of the applicant, violations of legal purity of asset ownership, and sometimes - the inadequacy of the initiators of the project.

Of course, requires certain costs under independent verification procedures (due diligence). But the complex technological, financial, legal due diligence is performed only on the fact of making strategic decisions about funding. In this case, the investor has no purpose "hack to death " project at the validation stage, since even before the start of her he begins to put their money into job (analysts, financiers, lawyers, etc.). The main purpose of the inspection - the optimization of the project.

Accordingly, the startups have time for that to verify a potential investor for his history of completed projects, the availability of assets and other things. The contract to carry out such work, which is between the applicant and the investor, there are certain mutual obligations.

On the part of the applicant - no hidden factors that have not been made public during the early stages of studying investment proposals.

On the part of the financier - the obligation not detected by the factors mentioned above to finance the project fully. And the compensation costs of the applicant with a further denial of funding. Of examination is preceded by the signing of the agreement, which is prescribed scheme and terms of financing, as well as mutual obligations.

The principal obligation of the investor - to finance the project after receiving a positive opinion of an independent audit. Denial of funding is possible if during the inspection it is found that the applicant intentionally misleading the investor on the project parameters have a significant impact on its prospects, or it is not feasible for obvious reasons.

If it finds errors in the calculations, the possibility to improve the project and so on, all these issues are resolved through negotiation and investor applicant. By mutual agreement, all adjustments made to the business plan, which is an integral part of the financing agreement.


To learn how to:

- From "naked idea" to create an investment project

- Collect baseline data

- Does not look like asshole in the eyes of investors,

- Look for the "right of investors'

- To present their project,

- Agree on the allocation of shares in the project,

topics for future articles.

Andrew Stadnik

BFM Group Ukraine


For information:

Investment - the project company BFM Group Ukraine is known for his participation in the market in a number of significant projects of high-tech industries of food, construction, chemical and other industries. The company also provides outsourcing services for pre-competitive research and development investment documentation (business planning, feasibility studies, investment memoranda, development of financial models).

22 September 2011
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11 October 2011
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11 October 2011
Сергей, если ищите Инвестора, то создавайте свой проект... это самый лучший вариант...