No Russian extravagance (private build)

All of the homes of Canadian Energy Efficiency! The structure of SIP-panels (with insulation of mineral wool) have a unique insulating properties. They will never be hot or cold - the temperature remains a harmonious whole year!

Thanks to an ingenious structure, SIP-pane insulated space inside the building from the outside temperature drops. SIP-panel to easily withstand the fluctuations from -50 ° C to +50 ° C. The relatively thin wall of the SIP-strength panels in the resistance to heat transfer is similar to a brick wall thickness of about two meters. Even in the harsh northern climate and humidity structure of the SIP-panels do not require a powerful heating system, which means that its owners significantly save on electricity and fuel - only at the expense of the savings will pay off your building is not more than 10 years!

Strength! The structure of SIP-panels is not only withstand any external forces, but also allows you to not think about security planning "interior." In our structure you can safely install a fireplace or hang on a wall shelf under the family library!

Characteristics of durability and strength of buildings SIP-panels significantly exceed similar characteristics of buildings from logs and lumber. Seismic stability of our buildings can feel safe in an earthquake up to 9 points. Due to the monolithic assembly, one such panel width of 1.25 m can withstand vertical load of 10 tons and a transverse load of 2 tons / 1 sq.m. If the load on the walls of the structure of your dreams will be truly great, the project can always make additional strengthening. According to the Russian SNIP, the height of wooden buildings shall not exceed two storeys, but those of the strength possessed by the structure of SIP-panels, enough to build five-story building!

Resistance to fire! Safety First! If there is a danger of fire, the structure must also resist fire - together with the owners!

According to statistics, deaths from fire occur more often not even from burns, suffocation or injury at the heavy ceiling collapsed.The third degree of fire resistance, which correspond to structures built of SIP-panel provides control of fire for one hour. Tightness of buildings, dense joints of panels, indoor smoke and prevent the spread of fire. Danger of choking is also reduced in the case of being inside the structure of SIP-panels - the combustion of SIP-panel isolated seven times less heat than wood. To date, the local and industrial insulation was used mineral wool, which has the lowest flammability than traditionally used styrofoam or plastic. Mineral wool does not spread fire in case of fire origin, it is this property plays an important role in its implementation, as fire insulation. Products manufactured from mineral wool, may be used at large temperatures, due to the fact that it can tolerate temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures begin to burn combining fibers and the structure of the mineral wool is invulnerable and resistant to oxidation, thereby forming the fire protection.

Soundproofing! Even if you have a desire to play the accordion in the night, no one's dream will not be disturbed! In the way of all the sounds and noises outside and the inside gets an effective system of insulation!

SIP-panel effectively absorb sound thanks to its structure, and especially - the middle layer of mineral wool, located around the perimeter of each panel and does not transmit vibrations. As for the quality of sound absorption of sandwich panel similar to the brick wall thickness of 2.5 meters, and its transmission loss is 70 dB, reducing the impact of noise on residents of the structure to a minimum. In addition, when using SIP-panels, is significantly improved room acoustics.

The rapid construction! Opinion that the construction necessarily last long, not to the buildings otnositya of SIP-panels! Our buildings are going for 7-15 days! This is not fantasy but reality.

Unprecedented rate of construction is one of the advantages of building from SIP-panels. The box structure 150 m ² can be elevated for 1 - 3 weeks (for comparison - the same size of a brick built about 8 months). Thanks to precise factory assembly possibility of marriage is practically reduced to zero. Lightweight (one panel in the area of ??1m ² and a thickness of 174-224 mm and weighs no more than 25kg) are much easier (and cheaper!) The process of transportation and assembly buildings. The structure of SIP-panels is going right on the spot and without the use of heavy equipment - to build a sufficient structure 3-6. Factory set designs available on site. The finished basement of the power structure of the frame will appear within 7-10 days. Will only have to insert the windows, roofing and thermal structure of the circuit is completed. You can safely trim finish in any weather. The pace of construction and do not depend on time of year - thanks to the protective coating building panels can be installed on a foundation as the warm and in cold seasons (using the "dry" method of construction).

Practicality and economy! Lightweight building construction cost on a lightweight, low-cost base. This is the beginning saving metal, cement and labor.

High availability details of the structure reduces assembly time and wages. Thermo-protected roof and walls provide an opportunity to establish low-cost heating and cooling systems. Insignificant loss of heat through the wall panels reduce heating costs by 60%. In addition to construction costs, there is the concept of cost of ownership (cost of maintenance and repair of buildings for a long time). Thanks to the efficiency, stability and strength of SIP-panels, cost of ownership of these buildings are among the lowest in the industry!

Durability! Choose between "now" and "later" will not have to! Inspire today - live happily for another 100 years!

The service life of Canadian buildings of SIP-panel really is at least 100 years.This is due, firstly, the high performance used in the assembly of panels and other materials: it is practically not deformed by time, weather and other impacts, and not susceptible to rotting. CAP-plates and water-repellent impregnated with a solution that totally prevents water absorption and thus decay.

Environmentally friendly! Sign a high level - not only care about themselves but about the future. Let's think about the future of our children and grandchildren!

Ecological SIP-panels is extremely high not only in comparison with other similar materials, but by itself, meet the highest standards of environmental safety. SIP-panel consists of OSB (OSB-3)-plates and a layer of mineral wool. CAP-plate, in turn, contains 90% wood chips, resulting in sanitary logging. The remaining 10% are natural resins, fillers and hardeners, which enhances the protective properties of OSB. As the heater today offer one of the most environmentally friendly forms of (health class E 1) rockwool "ROCKWOOL ". The whole sandwich panel do not emit into the atmosphere of formaldehyde, phenol, butanol, ethyl acetate, and other harmful substances, and living in the homes of SIP-panel has a beneficial effect on the state of allergy sufferers and asthmatics.


Canadian building technology over half a century and widely used massively in North America and Europe and worked through. The vast amount of information, including videos, is contained in the Russian and the English-speaking Internet, which describes the scheme of basic compounds SIP-panels. On this page we will not discuss technical details related to the Canadian technology, and will try to explain their understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of structures, gathered on the Canadian technology, although in today to say something new on this issue is hardly possible. A note: there is some confusion in the use of the name "Canadian technology ". Often 'Canadian "is usually called the skeleton or frame and panel construction.Because there are differences, just define the terminology. Under Canada's construction technology, we mean an assembly of buildings enclosing walls of the SIP-panels. Moreover, SIP-panel must perform primarily a function of force structure elements, not just warming, as sometimes happens. To connect to SIP-panels in a single structure using wooden sticks. As a result, inside walls forming a hard wood frame. By virtue of its design features panel SIP with plenty of sustain and the axial compressive load on the weight of the structure and a transverse load of hurricane winds. Such a synthesis of two power systems leads to the fact that "Canada " in the structure several times (4-8 times by various estimates), stronger frame, Beam, etc. The structure of SIP-panels can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and even falling trees. To emphasize the role of SIP-panels as load-bearing structural elements, often referred to as the Canadian technology frameless. The special strength of this design allows you to build the walls of the SIP-panels, even multi-storey buildings.


Canada, like any other, the technology has its advantages and disadvantages. We first consider the substantial (our estimate) the benefits of Canadian technology in the construction of three interrelated aspects: convenience, comfort, economy and technology. All ultimately comes down to economics, as in any design you can create a comfortable environment for living. The question is how long it needs to spend time and money during construction and how many have to spend on maintenance in the future.

The main thing is the structure of SIP-panels are very warm. Moreover, this property is achieved by most low-cost compared to all known designs of the walls. Even compared to the carcass, the structures of the SIP-panels less cold bridges. To achieve the same low heat, brick wall should be 15 times thicker (2.5 m to Siberia) or extra warm. Unique power-saving features allow you to build SIP polar stations, even at the South Pole (summer temperature of -30 ° C).Arising from the main other advantage under the same external dimensions in the structure of SIP-panel is the largest area of ??the premises. On average, the size of the structure of the outer walls of brick and aerated concrete in 450 mm occupy one-fifth of the total area. In other words, sq.m of living space becomes more expensive by 20% only due to absorption of the walls of living space!

The structure of SIP-panel quickly heated by a small heat capacity of the walls. This will please those who are off heating in the winter, but on the weekends like to go out of town. Structure with massive stone or wooden walls protopit complicated. Because of the low thermal conductivity of the walls retain heat better, even if frost off heating for one day of indoor temperature falls by 2 degrees (due to overlapping of ventilation!). The same goes for cooling buildings in hot weather. The Canadian structure comfortable in any season.

The walls of the SIP-panels, in spite of slim build, very quiet. Insulation acts as a perfect sound insulation.

In comparison with the brick, concrete and even wood structure made of beams of the structure of SIP-panels are very legoe. Typical foundation for the Canadian construction - the ribbon, bar or screw piles. When it comes to the difficult terrain, the structure of the lung - the best solution. Superstructure over the existing floors - and is lightweight structures are indispensable.

Walling of SIP-panel today the least expensive way of building. Moreover, the material is relatively inexpensive, but construction works are also very cheap! Do not need special equipment. 2.4 adults without training walls will collect from SIP-panels for 1-2 weeks.

Save time: a small period of construction - one of the important advantages of the technology. Letting buildings for turnkey construction season (actually 1-3 months) is not difficult.

Walls, ceilings and floors in buildings of SIP-panels perfectly aligned. This reduces the time and money to finish. Finishing work can begin immediately upon completion of assembly of the box. The structure of SIP-panels do not shrink.

Limited set of tools and materials: panels, boards, screws and polyurethane foam. No need to waste time searching and purchasing. Because of the relatively light weight panels never have problems with the delivery of materials directly on the object.

The assembly process of the structure of SIP-panels fairly clean. Minimum harm to the landscape and ecology. Almost all waste is recycled on site. Standing next to trees can be saved, because they do not create any interference assembly. Build the structure of SIP-panels is possible at any time of year.

Continuous Savings: now the owners of buildings SIP-panel for heating and air conditioning is several times less (some estimates are 5-6 times) than owners of "traditional " buildings. Saved Ruble - RUB earned. In this sense, the structure of SIP-panels - the profitable investment of funds.

If your site is only electricity, safely erect the structure of SIP-panels. The cost of installation of electrical heating systems are negligible compared to heating with gas, liquid or solid fuel. It is easy to notice that the description of the benefits of Canadian technology repeats what usually write about frame or panel construction. If you do not take into account the particular strength of the Canadian structure, the difference between these three design schemes can be formulated as follows: the structure of the panels is much easier to build than the frame, and from SIP-panels easier. This is a very valuable advantage of Canadian technology, because it allows the developer to build an excellent opportunity to structure their own hands and thereby save a lot of money. Assembling the walls of the SIP-panels are very simple and accessible to any layperson. This is due to the technology itself assembly. Installation of the wall begins with the fact that the base (or strapping lumber slabs) nailed a guide board along the perimeter wall. Then set the level of two corner panels. Everything! Then you can build without a level. To the wall "left ", should strongly "try ". Level only in order to install the next panel is satisfied that it is accurate.Installation of door and window openings, too, does not cause much difficulty.

As with any panel construction technology, the Canadian technology is very suitable for industrial production of ready-made kits (modules) buildings. Assembling the box takes up very little time. When finished the structure elements (factory set), the structure actually collect just a few days. Build (assemble) ready kits are very convenient. SIP-panels are very easy to handle (jigsaw, circular saw, and even ordinary hacksaw). Window or doorway easily cut at any moment and build even after entering the building in operation. There is no difficulty, and lying of pipelines. The project structure can be adjusted in the assembly process (who has built himself, understands the importance of such a possibility).


Recognized shortcomings of Canadian building technology, which most often afraid of the developer, are a fire hazard and rodents (and below we look at some of the other). It is easy to see that it's shortcomings in comparison with stone walls, which in turn have their own very serious drawbacks, chief among them - high thermal conductivity. Today there is no ideal, acceptable to all technologies. For this reason, proponents of various technologies disputes do not cease. And all the technologies are widely used in low-rise construction. The choice of wall material - always a compromise. As far as all the same terrible shortcomings of Canadian buildings?

Fires occur in all buildings. The consequences could be catastrophic fire, regardless of the wall material. And brick structures burned so that the walls are cracked. The very possibility that the building burned, afraid of any normal human being. For some reason, the stone walls soothe. Paradox: fire fear everything, but in most private buildings or apartments no ordinary fire extinguisher.

Fire safety of any structure as a whole provides a number of events: fire protection - constructive or treatment or combinations of fire retardant paint, wiring device compliance, compliance with the requirements of fire unit heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, etc., compliance with fire and building requirements to simply enforce rules fire safety.

Wiring according to the rules is necessary, as in any wooden structure, to make public. In the present state of the market open wiring materials easy to perform, so that she will decorate the interior.

Now for the rodents. This is not a purely Russian problem. They are complete and in developed countries, where the Canadian structure operated for more than half a century, not only as a dwelling, but as warehouses, shops, etc. Rodents enter the dwelling of man very different ways - not necessarily through the walls. In SIP-panel mineral wool tightly closed with boards and slabs of OSB. This prevents access of rodents to the heater. Argued that the special structure of OSB-3 creates an insurmountable barrier to rodents. Soaked wood chips in the OSB hard and brittle like glass, and work with the OSB must wear gloves. In view of the well-known ability of rodents to chew anything (even water pipes made of lead or aluminum), it is possible to take effective measures known: biological weapons - a cat, the psychic weapon - Ultrasonic Scarers rodents, etc. Constructive methods - is primarily a grid on produhi cellar. To protect against rodents in wooden buildings often use metal screens, putting them in places of possible entry of rodents, such as the construction of gender. Conclusion: fires, as well as rodents are not a problem building from SIP-panels. This is a problem of any buildings, and preventive measures are absolutely identical.

With regard to health hazards, we are talking mainly about the plates OSB, used for the manufacture of SIP. Many are associated with particle board with their phenol and formaldehyde. However, in the technology of production OSB (OSB) laid down in order to use fewer connections than the manufacture of particleboard.

Application of resins consisting of a proper resin, filler and hardener allows environmentally safe building slab, since the polymerization process finally ends in a few months after the pressing, and the emission of formaldehyde, after this time can not be detected by existing instruments.

Amount of formaldehyde emitted by the OSB, which are used in SIP is less than 0,1 ppm (parts per million). This is well below the permissible Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) level (Structural Insulated Panel Association - SIPA). The attitude of Americans and Canadians, to environmental cleanliness of all that surrounds them, very anxious. Picky and demanding U.S. and European consumers are seriously preoccupied by environmental issues long before the Russians knew the word "ecology". A SIP from abroad even build hospitals, child care, etc. In Russia, the safety standards dealt only specialists. Few will be able to explain, which means the class E1 or E2 with respect to the level of formaldehyde emission. Formaldehyde is found in many natural objects, including wood. Plates OSB, corresponding to the level E1, emit free formaldehyde little more than solid wood. Compliance with European E1 (Russia is less strict) makes all sorts of concerns about harm to health to be groundless. Safe for health in Europe and is considered a class E2 allowing twice as much formaldehyde emission than the E1. By the way, sometimes assigned to class E1 materials that do not contain formaldehyde in principle. Overstrength of the structure of SIP-panels discussed above. One caveat. It was the strength of the Canadian structure, like the design. In this he has no equal. And during an earthquake or a hurricane is better to be in the structure of SIP-panels. Finally, the question of the durability of the structure. Often, referring to the structure of SIP panels, writing about the 150-year lifetime. In general durability of the structure depends not only on the choice of material, but on how it is constructed and maintained.The oldest of similar construction to the half-timbered buildings stood a Canadian for over half a millennium.

On the "capital " structure. The real estate market today is that if we consider the structure as a means of investing money, you should give preference to brick buildings. With one important caveat: the money necessary to invest a lot of really. Otherwise, a stone building would not be capital for posterity, but rather a challenge to its demolition or renovation in order to save or due to its unpretentious architecture. Our descendants will thank you most likely to land on which the structure was built.

Conclusion: The construction of the Canadian technology today is the best solution in most cases.

In the Canadian technology, in our opinion, simply has no rivals when it comes to the construction of buildings on their own. If the rational flow of money and time, your life-principle, the structure of SIP-panels for you. If you now have to count the money, the Canadian structure - perhaps the only choice. In the future you will be able to decorate his building to his taste, and it will be different from the brick just what will be warmer poslednego.www.orion24.ru

25 July 2011
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