To learn how to hired personnel can destroy a business

So much of any intelligent and not very material already written for Human Resource Management. But only time and again most of the leaders has consistently come to the same rake.

Maintaining relations with the majority of customers who once had to help with the documentation and pre-investment studies, convinced that basically everything is on the thumb path.

At the beginning of the project - the absolute certainty that everything will happen on schedule and within budget.

A year later - Andrew, what to do? Help the! Yield does not meet the planned, the investor includes the penalties and the management and personnel problems.

Well, send materiel to teach like it's too late, we have to delve into the details, and identify weaknesses. In most situations, the weakest link is human resource management.

Generally, as in the design and operational business major risk factor for prevailing over all other possible - there is a risk of human error.

And there are a lot of risks.

Problems with the selection of qualified personnel.

An example.

Very often it happens that when choosing the location of the construction of an industrial facility focus is on the possibility of summing up the necessary communication facilities, the logistic component of raw materials, the relationship with the local authorities, other. At the same time completely ignoring the question of personnel available.

Why, for example, to build the plant accurately electronics in the agricultural area 40 km from the regional center? The argument of the owner - will vozit buses.

That is, de facto, the time of skilled production personnel, including delivery there and back, increased from 8 hours to 10.

Throw in the travel time to the place of residence and find that such a schedule, not every stand.

As a result, staff is accumulated fatigue, at which no level of monthly income or career growth may not be the prevailing motivational factors, and human resources is the main structural unit of the company.

Managers often ignore the need for hard tabs in the budget fixed costs expenses for services recruitment agencies. They say, and its own human resources to cope with the task. And for that they have paid the salary?

People who need us, as a rule, the work does not seek. Besides, who sits in the HR-departments of most companies? 25-year-old girl who did not understand the specifics of the business and production processes of their own companies.

But ignorance is offset by the idiotic tests, a series of "cross out the house in the Moon and Mercury in Aquarius," "Who do you see yourself in 20 years in our company," corporate games, limiting the candidates for age, sex and her dilettante knowledge.

Risk of loss of highly skilled professionals and managers

  If a person without any apparent reason, decides to dismiss, then something is wrong or the person or the work.

What happens when the retiring Chief Engineer, Project Manager, a corporate lawyer or CFO?

Spent considerable time searching for replacement specialist, its adaptation and transfer of cases.

And from my own experience and observations of others, any adequate person in a new place of work goes through several stages of the purely psychological.

Adapting to the new location and subsequent disappointment that at first everything seemed in lighter colors. This may be the presence of non-compliance level of wages (the head of this vtemyashilos in the head to enter the hidden penalties or new-fangled system of grading and KPI), and the undercover war within a corporate group (in a big team with the connivance of leadership is always eventually begins to show any rot like mobbing, informing , unhealthy competition, others), and the mess in organizational management (all are responsible for everything, and no one at that), and excessively long working hours, and other funny situations.

If the specialist does not spit on it all at once, and decides to seek a better life, it starts to get involved, it becomes a sort of unsinkable veteran, knows all the nuances of the inside and knows how to use them in their favor, and a little in favor of the company.

But over time, a year or two, every person begins to "burn out" at work. Especially if its functionality is unchanged, and the duties performed daily and monotonous.

And to determine the degree of "moral burn-out" - is not the HR department and line manager and top management.

Department personnel limited their stupid tests and certification do not cause anything but an additional stimulus.

Over 20 years of practice I personally saw only one professional HR-specialist, a sensitive sort of thing. However, before that, he served for 30 years, a staff psychologist in the power structures, and retired at the rank of colonel.

In order to line managers were interested in working, they need to motivate not only the official salary. Need to develop and maintain a neat satisfaction of getting self-realization.

Offer to solve problems and provide the opportunity to work at the junction of branches.

In any man, especially with years of experience and guiding mind, laid the integral thinking. Everyone is watching the actions of others, secretly believes that he got it would be better.

If allowed to connect to a specialist is sometimes not quite his usual functional responsibilities, nothing bad will come of it.

For example, I have as a top manager, was a tactic, as it were, among other things, to consult with the chief production of the issues of transport logistics and supply technologies, business manager - about the problems with the approval of technical documentation for land allocation, as well as a lawyer - about the nuances of management accounting.

Everyone knew that podsizhivat anyone and will not allow anyone, and as a result, even after 10 years with the majority of specialists are supported by human relationships.And if you need to assemble a team again, many do not give up.

Integral thinking of qualified staff, from my point of view, the general is one of the most important factors. This is especially important now, when all information is digitized and freely on the Internet.

A good from my point of view of an example of the classics, whose names everyone knows. Undoubtedly, their talent is most clearly manifested in the core areas. However, I think, would not have been an integral thinking and diverse interests, perhaps now they would have been forgotten genius.

Leonardo da Vinci - artist, sculptor, an anthropologist, physician, chemist, engineer, physicist, architect.

Einstein - theoretical physicist, patent, and violinist.

Borodin - composer, chemist, physician

Nostradamus - a poet, astrologer, physician, chemist, forecaster, analyst, mathematician.

Mikhail Lomonosov - chemist, physicist, poet, engineer, builder, philosopher.

Cardinal Richelieu - a philosopher, a politician, an astrologer, military, religious leader.

Carl Gustav Jung - the priest, doctor, journalist, builder, chemist, astrologer, a psychiatrist and founder of the theory of analytical psychology and deep types.

It is important that line managers have not been radicalism of his profession. What would he no artificially imposed restrictions and brakes that do not allow the process to look at the operational wider than require him to set corporate policies and job descriptions.

In business, there is no direct operational primitive lines. Always there are complexities, nuances, large and small problems.

Most often, the business collapses from the fact that every employee is solely responsible for your workload, it is not interested in what happens on adjacent sites.

At the same time, senior management also made efforts to coordinate the processes and outcomes.

Even at the stage of a business plan from the owners of the only picture in my head was the same as here he is in evening dress and with a cane past the defile happily buzzing machines.Columns go from stock trucks with the goods. Accounting calculates the net profit. Everything seems easy, but with the recruitment of the first staff included delusions of grandeur. Nor lordly thing to delve into such things as the absence of shunting locomotives in the depot, so that time can not drive with the fuel tank, the delay of the goods at customs, or hitting the tax police.

And if the young manager of the Procurement Department will fold before such problems, then the gray-haired uncle Vasya technologist by chance there will be godfather, friend, brother, so that all issues can be solved in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

By the way, inappropriate behavior first line managers of the company is also very often leads to the fact that qualified personnel prefer to look for another place to make every effort than watching daily stupidity, rudeness, lack of confidence to the people and the lack of desire to delve into the details of the transaction.

Risks caused by human error

  The famous saying goes: Do not mistaken only one who does nothing. However, as the saying goes, "trust but verify"

In my opinion, human error can be both random and not at all.

The most common errors are either due to the fact that people do not fully understand the meaning of their actions, however, knowing that the special effects for the mistake he personally would not. Well, the maximum that will make - will be fired.

I remember how in one project, in conjunction with the customer's own group, we calculated a preliminary estimate of all phases of capital construction of the plant.

I found this to be what would be possible to accurately estimate the cost of the project in general and the procedure for project financing (monthly installments).

In general, relying on the expertise and authority of the chief engineer and architect of the project was completely calm, yet quite spontaneously he felt that something goes wrong. Although not a builder, but even some of the figures seemed to me strange.

It turned out that in the calculation of reinforced concrete had lost an only one zero.

What led to this error? By breaking the contract and the investment required to return the first and has already mastered tranches.

What is it threatened the staff - finding a new job. What is it threatened the director? Not many options - but all are bad.

About 10 years ago knew a small manufacturing company, are marketed its brand of food. At one point, the owner visited a great idea to re-brand and a new advertising concept. Fortunately, good people have promised to finance the venture. To whom to entrust this occupation - of course, the head of the marketing department.

That, in turn, arranged something like a tender, the owner offered a choice of several models, marketing skill razrulit between designers and the result was chosen as the advertising company that offer employees the greatest rollback (as it turned out).

Once the rollback is in the pocket (vector thoughts - dismissal - apartment - car - boat), the thought of an experiment to identify the target audience loyalty to the new concepts such as no one in the head did not come.

As a result, the whole of Ukraine frankly spat on negative television commercials, sales quickly dropped to zero, the company went bankrupt, and good investors were not so good already, but very evil and unseemly. The fate of this unfortunate Director unknown.


The girl secretary (holy simplicity) responded to the call of pseudo-reporter, who said he wrote an article about the company. The result - a leak of information on the balance sheet, capital, employees, suppliers, procurement policy and other sensitive matters. Specialists in competitive intelligence, too, are on the alert.


- Toll, why did you work our Pozega? - Asked the master of a young man standing on the smoldering ruins of the plant.

- I'm not on purpose, - he answered - it was an experiment, with a view to rationalization proposals.

- And it was impossible to even leave the accounts with the dining room?

- Choi she?

- Today was supposed to be pay.

- I have not thought of that.

- Do not think? Now think of how the first train will roll to the troops - or sat in jail, like a giraffe.

(C) I. Okhlobystin "DMB"


Risks due to accidents related to the violation of safety and health

On health and safety can not save money. Total costs - wages for full-time unit of labor inspectors, who walks and distributes kicks all employees have the potential to get hurt or death, a packet of papers on the safety and familiarization with the mandatory pictorial posters, which have production personnel can deposited in the subcortex.

Better to spend time and money is relatively small, due to carelessness than once, or negligence of the employee to sit on the bench.

From practice.

In the tool shop engineering plant exploded grinding wheel. Splinters fly faster than a bullet. Abrazivschik and those who worked on the lathe for him - were killed. When placing the machines in the workshop could consider such an option? You can. Beat in the head man that should stand in front of the machine is always at the side, it was possible? Yes you can.

Turner climbs with gloved hands in operating the lathe. Shook, severed fingers. It was possible to bring the instructions and visual aids for clothing, gloves and the fact that there is nothing to stick your hands wherever is handy? You can. But it did not.

In the Kiev Institute of Shalimov three floors of the chambers in which the workers en masse are wood production, which sew the fingers, hands and feet. And it happens all the time. Feeling as if in any woodworking shop, and all employees engaged in only by the fact that a running jump over the circular saw, as through fire on Midsummer ... You can prevent such things? You can. Yes, that's all too busy to leadership. It is the strategy employed.

In stock of finished goods is not a ramp. Porters with big boxes in their hands descend and ascend the stairs. Slipped, hit his head, and death in the workplace.You could weld a ramp? How much will it cost? $ 500. Death of employee - criminal responsibility of the officer.

Employees are changing advertising campaign posters on billboards with the 8-foot ladder without all sorts of insurance. On lifting equipment and a comprehensive instruction in the company regretted the money. The result is fatal.

At the service station:

The client has parked the car, but forgot to put on's land. On the request to start the car - a leap forward and the death of the wizard (from the feet is nothing left.)
Boiling the battery. When connecting terminals incorrectly knocks the cover and the acid flies in the face of the master.
Blowing off the carburetor. The pressure in the tank and the jet fuel in the face to anyone who stands in front.
Client in the cabin. Master picks in the hood. What is the problem with the generator. The client gets a sudden the car and the fan cuts off the hands of the employee.
Parked for several days worth wagon. What happened, realized only when the police arrived. The man drove a car at night in the parking lot (where it came from Europe), drank with parking guards, stayed overnight in the cabin, and there died of a heart attack. The summer heat, the windows closed. Five days. He was a good truck Volvo. And the man did not return.

It was possible to prescribe requirements in the instructions for the return of the car park only in the ATP and invest in a GPS-monitoring? You can. But this was not done.

The actions of management are quite simple and does not require a significant budget increase administrative costs

Must meet the following things:
A. Order on the Regulation on the protection of labor for each of the segments (train personnel on receipt with the signature of a stitched and stamped magazine)
Two. Orders of the Instructions for TB at each of the sites (the same familiarization)
Three. Order of the fines for violating regulations. I do not think that the person working with the grinder, rather like a legitimate $ 900 - 250
4. Inspector of health and safety, constantly monitoring all areas of production.The task of labor protection specialist - for each square meter of production to predict all probable and improbable danger, and prescribe them in regulations, forcing them all to sign. And at the same time to achieve that would be strictly complied with these instructions.


Risks due to deliberate damage production equipment

An illustrative example in the form of the plant, for which I had to develop a business plan and other investment records, suggested a partial reconstruction of the existing ever since the 70s the production and updating of the technology park.

In the 90 plant survived all that went through almost all the privatized industrial enterprises. In the provincial district center staff shortage is felt very keenly. However, the old staff used to work the old fashioned way.

First, the machine operator Peter kills purchased for 300 000 euro machine with numerical control. It does this by running a nut out of the window under the roof of the shop, at the rate that rainwater will flood the electronics. Water flooded, and the machine is no more.

Machinists Pete associates benefit because he is in his 50 years, used to work on the antediluvian milling machine.

He was used to obtain a stable salary, relaxed, no money from the 90's, but returned again to the production, the old rules do not wish to change. How does not want to learn to work with more modern equipment.

Did not realize, however, that the shop hang a surveillance camera.

Still works mentality - the owner of Bourget, which though as that should be punished. The fact that he pays a monthly salary of Pete, exceeding the average for the region, he does not care.

An underlying hatred for employers with older production staff built into the subconscious, as a legacy of the past. With this should be accepted, but as far as possible to counter.

To prevent the necessary contract on full material liability to acts of property transfer, sensible security service and the normal morale in the workplace.

Risks of indifference and attempts to provide the leadership is not credible information, and one that will employees in a positive light, or cover up his mistakes.

Too many owners make the mistake of trying to recruit staff in the company's employees only dumber than himself. Moreover, it concerns a great many heads of various levels.

Take a FREE sycophants and informers, and then wonder why these people do not show initiative and efficiency. And how do we get this performance?

(A vivid character - Alex social worker from the movie "Office Romance").

Motive - staff need to be good, but not so much that it would be to think of withdrawal of its customer base and opening their own business.

Fearful of highly skilled professionals and just strong people, the owner of the company doomed to decline and the discrepancy in the scheduled start of the financial projections.

A good example cited by David Ogilvy, the legendary ad man and founder of the agency "Ogilvy Meyter End." At a meeting in front of each head dolls were laid out.

At the request of Ogilvy executives opened their dolls and found within each smaller doll, and toy - a doll even less, and another and another.

Inside the smallest pupa was enclosed a note from Ogilvy: "If you take a job only to people smaller than himself, we will turn into a company of gnomes. Conversely, if the workers will take only bigger than yourself, we will turn into a company of giants. "

We have, unfortunately, most owners prefer to hire some androids, which operate only within the framework laid down in these programs.

They have a narrow understanding of the front, which is sufficient only to perform the daily duties laid job description and corporate regulations. This knowledge workers with lower creative component, which are the gears, cogs and grease in the mechanisms of governance, accounting, planning and finance. In other words, the proletariat is growing post-industrial world.

The problem is that the equivalent positions occupied by Diverse people who are not subordinate to each other. And from that moment they are obliged to prove the owner of the company that the best they have, and not others. In any case, the result will be corporate conflicts and covert bickering office hamsters.

Each lemming like to receive more than another, salaries and receive additional benefits. This can be achieved in two ways: The first is that the work on the conscience and the right to prove the results of the bonuses, but there is another way - interfere with the opponent artificial.

In their war of all methods are good. So very often it turns out that the head does not provide accurate information, but one that can show the plankton in the light favorable to him, or cover up his mistakes and miscalculations.

Very often, this also applies to middle managers.

I do not remember who said that the office plankton are over large and grow big teeth, many mistakenly be taken for a shark.

A real life example.

  Ugorazdilo me hard the other day to take an order to develop a business plan, involving the reconstruction of old and construction of new production capacity of one rather large Zaporozhye company with business in the processing of agricultural products (soybeans and sunflowers).

And the theme is familiar, and manufacturing technology, and a similar project in the same industry as it did myself. In general, there were no signs of special problems.

In order to develop a business plan, the customer must fill out the terms of reference. In BFM Group Ukraine is a large document with lots of questions, tabular forms, explanations, etc. In fact, TK, to a greater extent, the instruction to take action and step by step, painted on the fingers, a guide for the client that he himself knew what information he has, and what is missing.

The owner of the company delegated to staff all the functionality to collect baseline data, and washed his hands.

Production plan - the technology staffing - HR Manager, Sales - sales, raw materials and components - suppliers, capital expenditures - Division of administrative costs - deputy director, maintenance money, stocks or accounting depreciation - Accounting, etc.

As a result, the initial data for the financial model we presented in the order of six weeks.

The nominal head of the project (add a raise), I just do not understand. The level of competence is so different that even surprised that you do not know enough basic (for me) things.
At the exit I have a lot of drafts, written by different people, incomprehensible tables with conflicting data, but rather with the description of the company tekstovki any moral throwing a magical number of spelling errors.
Where and what is the currency - is unclear. Calendar dates are different everywhere. Even the list of end products were not interfacing, not to mention the production plan and the formation costs.

I understand that things like staff to delegate the right. But it must be remembered that all these projects staff absolutely do not care. They are not interested in anything other than the wages that they receive on the last Friday of the month.

Despite the fact that in the literal terms of gnawing on the scraps the necessary information, documentation yet been developed for their workforce has become an enemy. If only because of the fact that instead of the owner made them still do work, but also because of the popular explained senior management of the company who runs them.

Lemmings collectively decided to take revenge by pouring into your ears guide idea that the outsourcing company can throw on the final payment.

As a result - there is no support, no updating, converting a specific financing requirements do not, project financing through Euler Hermes, either. And will not. The project is 30 million euros went to the land of eternal hunt

Once again convinced that the ideal project manager can only be an owner or employee, is vitally interested in the project. Other tools do not work.

The general problems are as common errors, such as:

- No proper control over the work of staff;

- Unclear or incomplete tasks. But the task set is correct - 80% the right decision. And the excuse of a series of "how to assign tasks to designers, I'm not a builder" - will not be accepted. Guggl to help.

- There is no clear plan for harmonizing the actions of employees with the strategy of the company;

- There are no regulations about the order of interaction with the external environment (customers, media, etc.), instruments of trade secrets;

- No due attention to the planning and control.

All of this we often occurs because of a few simple reasons:

- Business processes change frequently (one did yesterday, today radically different);

- The inability and unwillingness to describe these processes and bring up a list of personnel;

- Lack of knowledge about the procedure and methods of preparation of internal normative documentation;

- Amateurish desire to protect themselves (no papers - no problem)

Efforts should be directed not at solving the problems, and preventive action, these problems are exclusive.

How to do it properly - a topic for another article.

Andrei Stadnik
BFM Group Ukraine

27 July 2012
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