Companies are afraid of corruption more than fire. Top 10 risks for the Ukrainian business

Ukrainian businessmen are more concerned risks associated with corruption, theft and interruptions in the production process. These are the findings of world insurance company Allianz.

"Risks that in 2014 will be most important for Ukrainian businesses have much in common with the list of the top 10 risks that are relevant to European companies. However, rated by our country significantly influenced by the unstable situation in the social and political spheres, so related risks have reached a higher position than that of our neighbors to the west, "- explained the results of the research director of insurance IC" Allianz Ukraine "Denis Kochenkov.

A global risk ratings also lead losses from business interruption and disruption in the supply chain. But the risk of becoming a victim of thieves, swindlers or corrupt in the world are much lower - in ninth place. Business is more fearful of natural disasters, fires and explosions, changes in legislation, stagnant or falling market, loss of goodwill, increased competition and even cybercrime.

15 January 2014
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