Investment projects

Investment in the construction of residential / commercial real estate in Europe, training in Poland

€ 100.001
Польша / Быгдощ
Construction in Poland (Bygdosch) facilities for: - Repair (assembly / disassembly) cars - welding training organization places on the European equipment - Hostel (small hotel) for housing workers traveling CIS citizens and persons in training. ...
14 January 2014

Business-center “Voroncov”

€ 14.000.000
Business center "Vorontsov" is located in Odessa together with the largest seaport of Ukraine. 2/3 of turnover is oil and its products. Odessa - the biggest economic center in the south of Ukraine. Transport and foreign trade are the main national economic functions which are performed by the city within the internati ...
30 December 2010

Construction of a multipurpose sports complex on circular cars Racing in Rostov on

€ 148
Россия, Ростовская область, г. Таганрог
General Director of "Unique Auto" Pereoridoroga Nikolai is the initiator of the investment project: "Construction of a multipurpose sports complex on circular auto-motorcycling and its further exploitation." Project Location: Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog .. Refers to the proposal. We invite you t ...
05 November 2014

Tourist ECO base

€ 2.100.000
Московская область
Creating a building tour base in the Moscow region, a flexible high-tech approach. ...
05 November 2014

Construction of hotel-type facilities in the resort area of Saint-Petersburg

€ 3.236.842
The main idea : Construction of the hotel 2-3 * in the resort area of St. Petersburg for the purposes of tourism and services for international research activities. Initiators - a group of scientists ( MIPT , ICPT , ICMBO, VNIIAES , NNGASU ) . The project cost $ 4.1 million . The project team is ready to invest $ 6 ...
24 October 2014

Our offer to invest in land Kolomna

Московская обл., г. Коломна
24 October 2014

Network of solar power plants

€ 120.000
I am looking for investors. Network of solar power plants Power Clouds 1 $ = 32rub. at 14% per annum ...
19 October 2014

Investing for major Internet resource

€ 125
Hypermarket of goods and services with the possibility of paid placement site. Directory of enterprises in Russia and CIS, easy search of products and services for the consumer. Clients of the company posting the information on the site, the creation of the visited Internet site at a low price. Development on this basi ...
05 October 2014

Song of the Falcon 3D Cartoon

€ 2.000
Мультфильм о Высших Ценностях
Need a sponsor for the project, "Song of the Falcon" by Maxim Gorky. Cartoon will go 7 minutes korotkomerazhny. Scenario 2 pieces written already established model, partly aniamtsiya. Read more, I guarantee you are interested. ...
20 September 2014

Partnership to increase refining depth to 85%!

Investments in $ 12 million recouped from 2-3 years ...
16 September 2014

Requires the investor to the project! Innovation! TV!

€ 20.000
The investor is required to participate in the opening of its first office in the Russian Federation. Possible and continued participation, it will be considered in the process. ...
11 September 2014

Construction in Finland

€ 760.000
Финляндия, Хельсинки
Construction involves the construction of terraced residential building height of 1-2 floors of 4 separate apartments with a private courtyard or terrace. ...
29 August 2014

The building project of mixed type: offices and parking

€ 6.800.000
The project is environmentally friendly multi-storey car park gated with office and commercial premises. Ecological office building mixed type «blue building». (Multi-storey car park with an investment exploited green roof) project is designed for construction in the dense urban areas as in any country, any climate and ...
28 August 2014

The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces

€ 26.000.000
The main ideology of parking: parking garage for a minimum price with minimal maintenance costs. On the roof of the parking lot is proposed to install solar panels. This architectural design of a multi-storey parking garage, attractive opportunity to solve the problem of parking and is recommended for construction in d ...
28 August 2014

We are looking for funding for projects in the area of ​​housing

€ 8.000.000
Urgently looking for an opportunity to finance three projects in the area of ​​housing. Consider the options of credit. There approvals, land, building permits, one of the objects by 50% ready. The total amount of funds needed about 10 million. $ ...
27 August 2014

geological and exploration

€ 500
prospecting and exploration of mineral innovative method ...
26 August 2014

Production of mead and honey drinks

Create a new, innovative company in the soft drink market is comparable in size to the Coca-Cola at the start of the project and offer to any person to be her co-owner. The company is created from scratch, so to speak with a clean slate, no bank loans, and other similar structures. We use only the means of ordinary peo ...
26 August 2014

Network investment sushi sushi shops + shipping

€ 17.000
Requires an investment of 700-800t.r. for the development of network size Take away (sushi shop (small cafe) + shipping), has leased premises in good repair cuisine in the heart of the city (maybe the conclusion of long-term lease agreement), serving more than two years Sushi delivery (a new menu, a quality site edasam ...
25 August 2014

Footballer looking for investment. 300 thousand rubles

€ 6.500
300 thous. Returns 650 thous. + 10% for the year ...
20 August 2014

Investments in operating industrial complex.

€ 4.000.000
It takes up to 200 million. Rubles. for the acquisition of an industrial estate (industrial buildings and land) and the acquisition of additional equipment in order to increase production volumes. ...
16 August 2014

Looking for an investor in the 50% stake in the online advertising ROI up to 4 months.

Looking for an investor in the 50% stake in the online advertising ROI up to 4 months. Project in the field of internet advertising, now users do not need to spend huge amounts of money to promote their websites. ...
16 August 2014

Need an investor for the further development of the project. Culture.

€ 5.000.000
Creating a financial platform for the autonomy project. ...
12 August 2014

Production and logistics complex

Production and logistics facility. 20,000 feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. 15 km from Maladzechna. In the immediate vicinity of the road to Lithuania. 2,000 square meters of office building. Its power to 5 MW. Own boiler. 10 hectares of land. Two train arrival to the complex. And the most important state perm ...
11 August 2014

Network Dumplings in Russia and in the world

€ 450.000
Любой город-миллионник
The project to create a network dumplings Russia and in the world. The expected cost of the network in 6-10 years - from 100 to 200 million. Dollars. The pilot project (the first trial cafe network) - 400-450 thousand. Euros. ...
08 August 2014
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