Investment projects

Investment in the construction of residential / commercial real estate in Europe, training in Poland

€ 100.001
Польша / Быгдощ
Construction in Poland (Bygdosch) facilities for: - Repair (assembly / disassembly) cars - welding training organization places on the European equipment - Hostel (small hotel) for housing workers traveling CIS citizens and persons in training. ...
14 January 2014

Business-center “Voroncov”

€ 14.000.000
Business center "Vorontsov" is located in Odessa together with the largest seaport of Ukraine. 2/3 of turnover is oil and its products. Odessa - the biggest economic center in the south of Ukraine. Transport and foreign trade are the main national economic functions which are performed by the city within the internati ...
30 December 2010


€ 34.000
Bar a new type introduced in Russia Italian culture Aperetivo ...
01 December 2015

I am investing in opening StartUp in Italy - 60 000 Euro

€ 60.000
Италия, Милан
ItQui - hyper-local mobile advertising system, designed to meet the needs of enterprises in Italy in modern technologies of mobile marketing. ...
01 December 2015

Required investment in the project for the development of non-oil exports

€ 3.500.000
The investor is required in the project for the development of non-oil exports (for the production of more than competitive products). The main potential consumer product sector - the EU and the United States. Payback - a year. The volume of investments - from 3000000 rubles. ...
30 November 2015

Wholesale company involved in the supply and sale of office chairs and chairs

€ 90.000
Wholesale company involved in the supply and sale of office chairs and chairs ...
27 November 2015


The project represents a new stage of development of the Internet - technologies, the creation of a virtual world accessible to everyone. ...
13 November 2015

The investment project - the development of deposits of gabbro-diabase stone

The investment project - the development of deposits of gabbro-diabase stone ...
03 November 2015

Investments in Trucks for transportation of coal! Gain up to 7% per month!

€ 60.000
On the coal mine is urgently needed at least 15 trucks to transport coal to the railway station. Work until 2027, dump trucks loaded continuously. Investments 1 000 000. The profit of the investor to 7% per month. ...
    15 October 2015

    Innovation project (pharmaceuticals and entertainment), is not unique

    € 600.000.000
    Россия, Москва
    I am looking for partners (1-3) for the construction Serpentarium, Exotarium, vivarium, veterinaries (if desired, and the opportunities and farmlaboratorii) in the Moscow region. Purpose of building Serpentarium: snake venom to receive subsequent sales farmfabrikam. Demonstration selection poison snakes exotarium visit ...
    06 October 2015

    Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory (deductible) in New Moscow

    € 28.000
    The opening of the fence of analyzes for the franchise's largest diagnostic laboratory in Moscow ...
    02 October 2015

    Medical center in Moscow or New Moscow

    € 13.000.000
    Москва или Новая Москва
    Project opening of Diversified Medical Center (from the operating room, X-ray, endoscopy unit, dentistry). ...
    30 September 2015

    Sell ​​shares of the company

    € 150.000.000
    Already in December 2015 IPO, on the MICEX, the Russian companies "Salt of Russia", which develops Belbazhskogo deposits of rock salt in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Now all investors have the opportunity to buy shares in the company directly, at par value. After the stock market, and production start-up company stock, ...
    17 September 2015

    Export supplies of bitumen, petroleum products in Mongolia

    € 300
    Mongolia has actively conducted road construction. In 2015, construction of the highway with length of 997 km in the meridional direction Altanbulag (Russian border) - Ulaanbaatar - Zamyn Uud (Chinese border) Implementation packed bitumen in Mongolia makes it possible to exclude intermediaries both in Russia and Mongol ...
    15 September 2015

    Garage complex

    € 750.000
    Investment required for the construction of a garage complex ...
      09 September 2015

      Unusual and high-profitable project (ToothFish Catching at Antarctic)

      € 4.000.000
      Unusual and high-profitable project (ToothFish Catching at Antarctic) ToothFish Catching in Antarctica (Ross Sea) under a convenient Ukrainian flag. The vessel will never come into Ukraine also all money through the nonresident Payback – 1-2 years, profit of 2 million dollars a year at least. The project long-term ...
      08 September 2015

      Investments in woodworking enterprise

      € 16.800.000
      We invite investors to participate in construction of a factory in Belarus for deep processing of timber capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters. roundwood per year. This project will allow investors profitable and safe to invest in a modern, thriving industry. ...
      02 September 2015

      We are looking for investment in Wholesale 500 000

      € 10.000
      The company is engaged in wholesale trade in food products in Yekaterinburg, and offers investors an opportunity to profit from the transactions 4% - 12% on invested capital, and to receive stable monthly payments of 5% per month. Complete control of transactions by investors. Investments 500 000, for a period of 2 mon ...
      02 September 2015

      We are looking for investors for the discovery of gold - mining company

      € 18
      We are looking for investment in the opening of the company's production of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, a passing cleaning man-made piles of dirt. Our patented technology allows to extract up to 98% of raw materials, while having the lowest cost of production of gold in the $ 1 - $ 1.5 per gram. This makes it ...
      02 September 2015

      Creating a logistics complex class "A" volume of 15 000 pallets in Crimea

      € 4.275.000
      The result of this project is the construction of a new logistics complex in the Republic of Crimea and on its basis the provision of logistics services. The project envisages construction of storage buildings 1 Class "A" area of ​​10 000 sq. m. (15,000 pallets) with different temperature regimes "18&quo ...
      01 September 2015

      Production of skirts for cars premium class.

      € 35.457
      PROJECT CONCEPT The basic idea of ​​the project "Lamarti" is the production of expensive aero premium class cars (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW), with the further implementation of their official dealers showrooms across Russia for compensation as a% of sales. We provide the opportunity to car buyer ...
      24 August 2015

      Shop prices (One price shop)

      € 70
      Creating a network of shops with a single fixed-price ...
      19 August 2015

      unique kindergarten for gifted children

      € 15
      Novosibirsk,RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      Nursery school for gifted children, unique. High parental demand for this type of garden and the support of the city administration ...
      13 August 2015

      Production of organic products in the new generation ekofermah

      € 150.000
      Invest in agroturistichekuyu created by a group of companies. We produce organic food, build ecological tourist sites. The group of companies created in the global trend of mankind's transition from ruthless exploitation and destruction of nature and the environment for respect and restoration of natural habitats o ...
      03 August 2015
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