Investment projects

Investment in the construction of residential / commercial real estate in Europe, training in Poland

€ 100.001
Польша / Быгдощ
Construction in Poland (Bygdosch) facilities for: - Repair (assembly / disassembly) cars - welding training organization places on the European equipment - Hostel (small hotel) for housing workers traveling CIS citizens and persons in training. ...
14 January 2014

Business-center “Voroncov”

€ 14.000.000
Business center "Vorontsov" is located in Odessa together with the largest seaport of Ukraine. 2/3 of turnover is oil and its products. Odessa - the biggest economic center in the south of Ukraine. Transport and foreign trade are the main national economic functions which are performed by the city within the internati ...
30 December 2010


€ 460.000
Investing in a successful Internet service ...
03 March 2015

social business portal

€ 150.000
Social business portal (portal name in the design) is a portal for social programs that are created by the trailer "krautfandinga" (national investment), and the business relationship between business and people. The mission of the portal engender new rules for investment in various spheres of society and acc ...
21 February 2015

It is proposed co-investment and further implementation of the LCD in the Leningrad region

Construction of residential complex with its own infrastructure at the Leningrad region., Vsevolozhsk district, pos. Murino. ...
20 February 2015


€ 1
Республика Беларусь,Витебская область
Cosmetic reconstruction of the former noble estate with an organization operating as a guest house for the implementation of a set together with the company as a finished business. ...
16 February 2015

Growing strawberries remontant

The "Strawberry" is an integral part of the "CX", which consists of three parallel-series of ongoing projects: - 1. The "Liquid sowing fine seeds in activated media" - 2. The "Strawberry-bearing. Production of berries and seedlings" - 3 . The project "Growing greens using DB ...
08 February 2015

Construction of the plant for the production of lime

€ 229.000
Production of lime in Zabaykalsvom region. There is a preliminary agreement on the sale of 30 thousand tons per year. There are large consumers. Redeemed field, Earth, itd Sales ...
07 February 2015

Construction of Cement Plant in the Trans-Baikal Territory

€ 24.300.000
Zabakalsky edge only major subjects without their own cement production. At this stage, redeemed by a limestone mine, the land, the contract for the supply of equipment, a full set of pre dokumentatsiit.d ...
07 February 2015

I am looking for a partner for our entry into the holding for investment

I am looking for a partner for our entry into the holding for sharing assets and real estate as collateral for investment is possible to obtain investment of 300 million. and more at 10-12% godovyh.Rassmatrivayutsya all kinds deyatelnosti.Rassmotryu all variants of cooperation. ...
07 February 2015

I am a co-investor in the business without risks, the monthly income of $ 40 000

The essence of the project: attracting visitors to online resources, with enormous savings for webmasters (owners of Internet resources). There is a free mode and two toll. Two-tier affiliate program. What makes our project attractive for owners of Internet projects. ...
01 February 2015

Investment packages from the company Yunibrayt

Investment packages from UniBrait created on a simple principle: the larger the investment, the greater the guarantee you get, the less time you spend. ...
16 January 2015


€ 3
I am looking for an investor partner for the opening of "barbecue" ...
15 January 2015

I am looking for an investor to build a townhouse in Spain

€ 75.000
I am looking for an investor to build a townhouse 140m2 Costa Brava, Espana ...
15 January 2015

Reconstruction of the Catholic school at the Vatican

€ 2
Отель в Риме в Ватикане
A joint Czech-Italian project of reconstruction of schools in a 4 * hotel in the Vatican. Participation in the joint venture which cost 2.5 million euros. Required investments 1,000,000 ...
13 January 2015


€ 150
There are transport company which is engaged in international transport (EU - Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus). Registered in the Czech Republic. There are trucks and customers. It is necessary to increase the fleet ...
12 January 2015

Construction of plant for the production of products of wood-polymer composite

€ 1.000
Актюбинская область РК
Our company is looking for a loan of 10 million. Tenge to start work on the project. Has a service contract with a foreign company for the main funding for the project in the amount of US $ 1 million. ...
11 January 2015

Project in a million! Exclusive offer!

STARSPLUS - Million chance to star in a movie! ...
06 January 2015

Stock Market Day Trading Floor

€ 500.000
ABOUT VENTURE ACE LLC Venture Ace LLC was created to trade shares of companies listed on the US stock exchange. A strategy was created and tested to ensure profitability over long periods. Our strategy takes advantage of small and definite increase in the price of a particular stock and converts it into a profit. Th ...
04 January 2015

Coworking at the farm

Coworking at the farm - a hostel with joint and separate rooms, quiet, friendly. For those who are tired of the noise, dust, and people. ...
25 December 2014

Investments in Russian production. No dependence on imports

The company has developed packages for Yunibrayt Invest ...
25 December 2014

"The construction of the shopping center to 1500kv m in Moscow / Moscow Region"

€ 280.000
г. Москва/Московская область
Offer to invest in the project "Construction of shopping centers to 1500kv m in Moscow / Moscow region" under the terms of the equity. The minimum contribution of 20 million rubles., Also considering the possibility of "entry" into the project in the form of land. After the payback period of 11-13 m ...
23 December 2014

I am looking for a financial partner

€ 1.800
I am looking for a financial partner to market franchises. At the moment there are 33 seats in the hostel in St. Petersburg. The hostel is fully equipped. 180 m2, the full number of staff (4 Administrator, 1 sales manager, manager). The hostel is successfully operating for 1 year. There is a telephone and e-mail facili ...
22 December 2014

Bulgarian Properties

€ 25.300
Bulgarian properties at very low prices on the beach. No commission from the buyer. ...
18 December 2014
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